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Swiss Educational College Launches first PhD Degree for Hospitality & Business Management

You have ultimate entrepreneurial mindset and want to lead your professional path into another level. You are motivated to stand out in the professional crowd! Well, we have some exciting news— Swiss Educational College is launching PhD Programme for Hospitality & Business professionals. It was designed for purpose-driven leaders!

Switzerland welcomes innovation and is the base and foundation in Hospitality industry. Swiss Educational College Campus in Luzern kanton ready to support you in your PhD degree. Here you will make valuable contacts and collaborate with forward-thinking individuals. Be part of Swiss Educational College Networking HUB and projects, get inspired!

Doctoral education has become of paramount significance in a world where knowledge is the new ‘fuel’, the ultimate economic renewable to economic growth leading to a knowledge-based economy.

It is the highest degree that students can achieve. If you strive for greatness, and nothing short of being the best will do, a PhD will definitely fulfil your intellectual satisfaction. With a Doctoral degree, the students will learn to sharpen their analytical skills and be able to apply these new tools to subsequent ventures. The students will be recognized experts in his/her field and will have a fully accredited PhD Degree to prove it.

At Swiss Educational College (SEC), we offer the following credential at the Doctoral level in conjunction with our partner University of Azteca:

PhD in Hospitality and Business Management (Research-based) / Duration - 3 years


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