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WHY            ?


At the Swiss Educational College, we incessantly contribute to a unique and forward-thinking culture within a communal atmosphere among management, faculty and students, which respects all participants as individual personalities. 

This is in line with the way a real business and hospitality professional will treat future clients and team. We are a niche and pioneering player, as a familiar school with a great cost/ benefit relationship that takes care of its students from their studies to the start and development of a successful career.

Meet our Team!


We are an international family away from home, equipping our students with hospitality competencies and continuous growth mindset development. We motivate, support and nurture our students:  Inspire. Thrive. Influence.




Education is not only concerned with providing academic content, but moreover focused on how best it should be delivered. A modern ‘Teenagogy’ concept makes our teaching practice distinct in approaching the metacognition of our students for the best level of learning.

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Career Centre Plus 

Career Centre Plus (C4C+) has been carefully developed with present and future planning in mind. 

The C4C+ provides several development points such as reflection, meditation, wellbeing, critical thinking and personal branding which are all important components of the 'plus'.


The SWISS Educational College team has repositioned itself in today's modern digital era. The strategy has included a substantial investment in the latest 'teaching and learning technology and facility upgrades

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Starting from scratch is not only a challenge but also to accomplish a dream or challenge. Entrepreneurship is a challenge that our students are well-trained to deal with here, in Swiss Educational College.  Our courses are designed to support the idea of Entrepreneurial Education which provides the blended learning of students to pursue the career path of their dreams.


Creative Business Writing 

At Swiss Educational College we embrace business writing. Our College members and students can be part of our online magazine on the Medium platform and share their ideas, experience and expertise through writing different articles. 



Born at Swiss Educational College and based on neuroscience, our programmes help students and employees realise their best selves and strengthen skills for personal development. The mindfulness and soft skills students learn at the Institute help them to increase focus and attention during the classes and on a daily basis, as well as build resilience in the face of challenges, manage stress and foster greater overall well-being. 

We offer a range of events, and programmes for individual and cultural development:  yoga, Personal Development Workshops and more. 

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