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Double Masters Programme with options of various business majors awarded by the University of Gloucestershire, UK (Thought modules by IDM)

Master of Science in  Hospitality Management (Awarded by Swiss Educational College)

Master of Business Administration  (Awarded by University of Gloucestershire, UK)

Master of Science in Accounting and Finance (Awarded by University of Gloucestershire, UK)


Master of Science in Human Resource Management (Awarded by University of Gloucestershire, UK)

** University of Gloucestershire modules are thought by IDM 


The Programme duration - 2 years, including two paid internships in the hospitality industry

** The Programme can also be completed in 1.5 years. Please get in touch with our academic office**

Master Programme:

The dual Master in Hospitality and Business Management programme at Swiss Educational College is a specialised business and hospitality-related Master's degree that covers an intensive two-semester curriculum and two intense industrial training sessions. This rigorous academic programme is based on the Master's degree requirements that cultivate strategic thought and quantitative skills, a combination essential in today's upper management positions.


Critical thinking and analytical ability are core to our philosophy, making our Master's Programme perfect for future hospitality professionals. The students will earn a Dual Qualification after completing our Master's programme, as mentioned on page 13. Depending on the study interest, the students can choose their major for the dual degree.


 * Students receive a Swiss Educational College and UK framework qualification transcript and individual qualification for each study. The minimum duration to complete the Master's programme is 1.5 years.

Business Meeting

Future Career: In addition to academics, the hospitality management master’s program integrates many professional development opportunities where students can meet and interact with industry executives. Exposure to industry executives offers students the opportunity to establish professional relationships and build an individual network to rely on throughout their careers.



- Students must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have completed a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent from a recognized institution.
- Strong motivation and interest in the hospitality industry.
- Completed an enrollment application form (available in regional offices and on the website).
- English efficiency with 6.0* overall score in IELTS academic or equivalent in TOEIC, TOEFL.

For direct entry into the final year of our Master's programme, students must submit proof of the successful completion of prior education and fulfilment of the above requirements.


We also accept students from other academic and professional backgrounds if they are able to justify their study track change and show genuine interest in the Hospitality and Business sector.

For further admission queries, please contact our academic office directly at or your local agents. You can also call or fax us at your convenience.


Abstract Shapes

at Swiss Educational College? 

  • 1 Years of theory / 1 Years of practice

  • Paid Internship 

  • Campus in Switzerland

  • Full Education Package

  • Full Support from the C4C+ department

  • Personal Branding Programme

  • Ambassadors Programme

  • The Wellbeing Academy

Programme Overview

Master programme year 1

(Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management)


- Hospitality Organisational Behaviour and Interpersonal Skills

- Hospitality Information Communication Technology

- Hospitality Human Resource Management

- Food & Beverage Leadership

- International Tourism Policy and Development

- Beverage Studies for Hospitality Managers

- Destination Management

- International Project Management

Master programme year 2

(Final year with Master Thesis)


- International Human Resource management

- E-Tourism and Social Media

- International Marketing

- International Strategic Management and Leadership

- International Financial Risk Management

- Global Business Environment and Sustainability

- Entrepreneurial  Leadership

- Advanced Research Methodology

- Master Thesis / Innovative Project


At Swiss Educational College we look for students who have the academic foundation and personal qualities to be thriving in our programmes! 

  • Strong motivation and interest in the Business and Hospitality industry.

  • English efficiency with a 6.0 overall band score in IELTS.

  • Be ready to unlock their potential in fast-changing Industry! 

Legal and other foundations: All our programs are carefully reviewed by the education department of Canton Lucerne and different world-class accrediting organizations such as EDUQUA, Swiss Private School Registration and British Hospitality Association. Swiss Educational College is a partner institute of West Coast University, IUBAT and a professional certificate provider of the University of Cambridge. Swiss Educational College is also a member school of EUROCHRIE, the American Hospitality Academy. Students can earn professional certificates from the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and from the American Hospitality Academy.

Graduates Profile The Hospitality industry is made up of a multitude of interrelated businesses, offering an extensive range of products and services. Swiss Educational College Master's graduates often find employment in a diverse range of areas, including leisure and recreation, spa and wellness, restaurants, event planning and tourism. Our MBA graduates stand a better chance of utilising their skill base with larger companies and major enterprises that place a higher value on advanced training, like major cruise lines, hotel chains and casino operations.

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