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- You can choose a double or single room!

- We have 60 rooms

- Breathtaking five-star hotel view into the Lake Lucerne and Mountains

- For your convenience we have indoor cleaning services: laundry included (twice a week)


- 6 fully renovated classrooms in 2019

- Fully equipped with the newest equipment

- Newly furnished

- All Classrooms have a view of Lake Lucerne and the Mountains. 


- Full Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner service x 5 days a week. During the weekend full service 2x a day.

- Dining Room is our social event space. Here we celebrate, eat, do massive presentations, and simply have fun. 

- The view is to the Lake Lucerne

- we also have space for the outdoor BBQ


- Beach 3 min from our Campus

- We have four Kayaks

- Perfect roads for Biking and Rollerskating

- We have Table Tennis

- Collection of table games 

- Two sets of Nintendo

- As we provide a Halbtax card - you are able to go with a discount on the ships around Lake Lucerne.

- Hiking might be your second name after you move to Switzerland, and we have the most popular Hiking trails., as our neighbour is the Queen of the Mountains - Rigi!

Oh, and we should mention that our area is called the Riviera or Central Switzerland