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Double  Bachelor Programme  awarded by the University of Gloucestershire, UK (Thought modules by IDM)

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (Awarded by Swiss Educational College)

BA (Hons) in Business Management and Strategy (Awarded by University of Gloucestershire, UK and modules are taught by IDM)

The Programme duration 4 years, including four paid internships in the hospitality industry


** The programme can also be completed in 3 years. Please get in touch with our academic office**


Bachelor Programme: 

Swiss Educational College's undergraduate degree in hospitality management is a rigorous four-year programme that covers all aspects of the hospitality industry. Our experienced academic team, with the support of our global academic partners, has designed a partnered curriculum in hospitality and business education. Our educational programmes are accompanied by a solid foundation in all core Business and Management functions, with a diverse range of choices in electives that invite students to explore their specific interests and passion.


Students will earn a Double Qualification at the end of the final Bachelor's year of studies (as mentioned on page 13). For each year of study, students receive a Swiss Educational College, an equivalent UK framework qualification transcript, and individual qualifications. Our students can join any other institutes for further studies with these qualifications. Depending on the course selection and accelerated advising, one can complete the program in 3 years as well.

Hotel Desk Check-In

Future Career: The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme in Hospitality Management offers practical management training that can prepare students to successfully work in small or large organisations by focusing learning on the key subjects such as Food and Beverage, Food Production Management, Marketing and Human Resource. The 4-year degree programme provides fundamental knowledge in Business and Management principles, encompassing all aspects of the Hospitality industry. Programmes typically allow students to specialise in one of the multiple concentration areas, including international business, finance, food and beverage, information systems, accounting and food production management.


- Students must be at least 18 years of age and have completed High School (12 years of school education) or taken the Final Exam.
- Strong motivation and interest in the hospitality industry.
- English efficiency with a 6.0 overall band score in IELTS academic.
- Completed enrollment application form (available in regional offices and on our website).
- For direct entry into the 2nd or 3rd or 4th year, students must submit proof of the successful completion of prior education and fulfilment of the above requirements.

WHY Bachelor Degree
at Swiss Educational College

  • 2 Years of theory / 2 Years of practice

  • Paid Internship 

  • Campus in Switzerland

  • Full Education Package

  • Full Support from the C4C+ department

  • Personal Branding Programme

  • Ambassadors Programme

  • The Wellbeing Academy

Programme Overview

Bachelor programme year 1

(Certificate in Hospitality Management)


- Fundamentals of the Hotel and Catering Industry

- Housekeeping and Accommodation Studies

- Tourism and Hospitality Business management

- Front Office Operations

- Food and Beverages Services

- Kitchen Operations

- Training and Development for the Hospitality  Industry

- Services Marketing and Customer Service

- Basic Accounting

- Events Management

Bachelor programme year 2

(Diploma in Hospitality Management)


- Hotel and Catering Law

- Accounting and Cost Control

- Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry

- Human Resource Management

- Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

- Operations Management

- Customer Relations Management

- Contemporary Issues in Tourism and Hospitality

Bachelor programme year 3

(Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management)


- Strategic Management in Hospitality Industry

- Strategic Marketing

- Hospitality Economics

- Organisational Behaviour in Hospitality Management

- Tourism and International Development

- Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

- Tourism Policy and Planning

- Technology in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Bachelor programme year 4

(Final year with Bachelor project)


- Managerial Communication

- Sustainability and Events Planning

- Research Methodology

- Healing Hotel Concept (research interest)

- Bar Management

- Spa Operations and Resort Management

- Managing Human Resources


At Swiss Educational College we look for students who have the academic foundation and personal qualities to be thriving in our programmes! 

  • Strong motivation and interest in the Business and Hospitality industry.

  • English efficiency with 5.5 overall band score in IELTS academic or equivalent in TOEIC, TOEFL

  • Be ready to unlock their potential in fast changing Industry! 

Graduates Profile: through our Bachelor in Hospitality Management Programme, students can pursue Business Education and learn skills that will help them to hold various management and administrative roles within various sized companies. These can include hotels, resorts or even other business-related organisations. After completing a BBA, individuals may consider furthering their education in our world-class Master programme in order to qualify for top executive positions and promotions.

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