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Mission Statement


Swiss Educational College

We are a Hospitality and Management College. Our customers are mainly foreign students from all over the world.

We want to provide our customers with an affordable education, in practical and theoretical lessons. In addition, our courses include paid internships which lessen the initial financial hurdle to study in Switzerland. This is how we want to stand out from our competitors.

Our passion stems from striving to make existing things even better and to turn visions into action.


We want satisfied customers so that we can maintain a long-term relationship, improve the company's image in the markets and thus secure our company's success. As part of our courses, we ensure that for customers with special needs the necessary provisions are available. The planning and implementation of our courses are carried out with due consideration for different learning needs. Classrooms are accessible to customers with physical disabilities. For practical work, measures are taken so that people with physical Impairments can take advantage of the offers relevant to them.


We value short decision-making channels and grant all employees a great deal of personal responsibility and transfer the relevant skills to them.

We want satisfied and healthy employees who are constantly trained and developed. In order to achieve this, our employees are encouraged to continue their education through courses and training for the ever-increasing demands.


The aim of our company is to support and look after our customers and business partners with our professionalism. This will increase our reputation and attract new students and business partners. Teamwork brings success. We work to make a profit and thus ensure the long-term existence of our company.


The interlocking areas of our company make the “togetherness” constantly visible. This awareness stimulates the team spirit and makes each individual significant. Friendliness and helpfulness are a matter of course for us. Not just to our customers. That is why we also specifically promote the working atmosphere in the company.

Business partner

We promote long-term business relationships with companies and individuals that meet our quality standards.


We want our customers' expectations to be met or even exceeded. We achieve market advantages with efficiency. That is why we are passionate about developing new processes/solutions so that customers can experience Swiss quality and can therefore profit from excellent education and the renown of Switzerland's hospitality sector.


We adhere to the quality specifications and industry standards as well as the mandatory qualification standards set by the law and our academic partners. With continuous improvement, we want to optimize ourselves and the learning outcomes of our students in every respect.


We make sure that the environmental obligations are complied with.


We take great care to treat all genders equally and provide a welcoming campus to all religions with a fair religious policy. We also take care of the religious food restrictions for our students so that they can study and stay on our campus without any mental stress.

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