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Personal Branding Workshop with Lego Serious Play

We like to challenge the status quo and do it in interesting, unique, surprising ways. Let’s face it you need to be a bit of rebel to bring LEGO to class! Thats what our Global Brand & Communication Director, Ms Petraviciute did!

Lego Serious Play is well known in corporate environment as a tool to embrace employees communication, collaboration and creativity skills.

At Swiss Educational College we always try to find different unique and innovative ways to strengthen skills that are needed for students in their future career development path. Lego Serious Play is part of the Career Centre Plus 'Personal Development' programme.

This programme takes place on the Swiss Educational College campus in Weggis. Each student goes through understanding the Personal Branding development steps. We do practical tasks and work on online communication skills and awareness.

During the Personal Branding weeks - Students also get their professional photos done in our photo studio.

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