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Winter in Switzerland!

Switzerland is a real wonderland in winter! You can explore, and experience your lifetime adventure. Inspired by #tosomeplacenew #planetware

Our Home Lucerne: Explore the city with a chapel bridge and stunning views

Lucerne is one of the best places to visit Switzerland in winter. For one, the city is not super crowded as it is off-season, and secondly the hotels and AirBnbs are super affordable around this time. And hey, as we have our campus in Weggis - we have it all!

BONUS? You ask. Lucerne is stunning, and when you look up or wander a bit outside of the city, the mesmerising snow capped mountains are not far off.

Just outside of the Lucerne Old town is the popular Mount Pilatus. If you are staying in Lucerne, use this time to reach the top of the mountain, and enjoy breathtaking views. If you are coming during the period of Christmas, why not to try out to go to the highest Christmas market in Europe (the top of Mount Pilatus).

Another option is to head to Mount Rigi from Lucerne by train. The views from Mount Rigi are breathtaking beautiful, although it is not as high as Mount Pilatus, it is worth a visit. And we guess we mentioned - it's our mountain :)

Bernina Express: Embark on a scenic train ride in the winter in Switzerland

Train rides in Switzerland are super scenic. And in the winter it is even more gorgeous. Imagine tucked in a blanket (in a train with huge glass windows) and drooling at the snow-dusted landscape and the light rays of the sun.

For those seeking a relaxed romantic getaway, this experience is a must. There are many train routes in Switzerland, each connecting between different touristy points. The most popular and a favorite is the Bernina Express. This train route connects St. Moritz in Switzerland with the town of Tirano Italy, via the Bernina Pass.

The entire ride is completed in 4-hours, one way. You can make reservations for the Bernina Express trains in winter for CHF10 per seat.

What about Your adventure?!

Ice-Skate on Natural Rinks ... what?!?!?!

You'll find plenty of ice-skating rinks in Swiss cities, but the true experience here is to jump on a natural rink. Surrounded by forests, deep inside valleys, and sometimes only accessible via a chairlift ride, natural rinks are everywhere in Switzerland.

Europe's largest natural ice rink is in Switzerland, in the winter resort town of Davos. It covers 18,000 square meters, and it's used by professionals (ice hockey players and speed skater champions), as well as beginners just wanting to have some fun.

In the Jura area of Switzerland, a number of lakes freeze over in winter, transforming into giant ice rinks. Lac (lake) de Joux, sitting at an altitude of 1,004 meters, is a stunning icy display. Lac des Rousses and the Lac des Tailleres in La Brevine area are also popular destinations.

For those keeping their trip urban, Katzensee Lake just outside Zurich also attracts ice-skaters during winter.

Go Dogsledding!

For something different, Switzerland offers lots of husky runs. Many depart from ski resorts as part of their non-skier offerings. But there are also run options at the Jungfraujoch near Interlaken, at the Les Rosées-Dessous (where the polar-like environment is perfect for days out in the snow), and in the Lake Geneva region.

If you want to spend time with dogs without having them do the heavy pulling, try the Barry Foundation in Champex-Lac. The foundation organizes animal-assisted therapy and in winter offers guided walks on the snow in the company of friendly St. Bernards.

Get Your Heart Pumping at the Titlis Cliff Walk

Sitting 3,041 meters above sea level and 500 meters above the snow-covered cliffs, the barely one-meter-wide Cliff Walk is a suspension bridge not for the faint of heart. As Europe's highest suspension bridge, though, it does offer some stunning mountain views.

Getting to the bridge itself, which runs along the cliff of Mount Titlis, starts with a Rotair gondola ride up Mount Titlis, which offers rotating, 360-degree panoramas over the stunning glaciers. Once here, you'll have to walk through a glacier cave that reaches to a viewing platform. From here, the 100-meter-long bridge takes you to the Ice Flyer glacier chairlift station on the other side.

Quite a nice list! Thank you, #tosomeplacenew #planetware!


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