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3 AI Writing Tools European Entrepreneurs Can Use in Our Digital Age

Sometimes we need simple solutions! Powerful content-generating tools that can cut weeks from your website or online store building process. By / Giovanbattista Cimmino

Run out of ideas for your captions, product descriptions on your e-commerce site, and your blog posts? Or just tired of the effort it takes to produce good copy for any purpose? Well, help is on the way for you. Many global businesses, small and large, use these platforms to create or edit successful and awe-inspiring copy.

ShortlyAI offers one way to help: its contract utilizes a “backdoor” access to OpenAI’s GPT-3, a great big neural-network language model producer to write for you, give your writing zip and zing, and a feeling that your creativity is once again on fire. The instructions provided are easy and clearly written. There is a modest monthly fee with very few restrictions for how much you write. And free to cancel before your three-day trial is over. Its site even gives you assurances that your new writing is not plagiarizing anyone else’s.

Copysmith claims it can write your copy for blogs, marketing, and websites by giving the platform just a few key words. The more you write, the more it adapts to your writing style, refining copy to compete professionally with top retail companies that use the platform regularly. Try its generation demo. It’s pretty amazing and gets those creative juices flowing with your “writing partner,” and what you both generate is all purportedly easily edited and exported as CSV. And, again, start for free.

CopyAIs platform will give you tools to generate copy. Says so on its site. You can give it a free trial for seven days, and as an example, you are prompted to “Try clicking here!” to create sample product descriptions. Pricing for a small business is actually affordable and billed yearly, giving you access to tools, the latest and greatest features including an upcoming feature called “Premium Community.” Or if you are a larger group that needs help with copy (and who doesn’t?), then coming soon will be its Premium Community and “Collaboration Features.”

Sounds incredibly refreshing, doesn’t it? With the free trials, how can you lose? AI just keeps on giving, and we are lucky in this age of technology to be able to take advantage of each new platform, idea, and tool to help with the often difficult and sometimes tedious task of writing. And lastly, although AI gives us great tools that we need to produce automated content, there is no substitute for the human creative brain. These tools can be helpful and aim for perfection with sophisticated algorithms, but in the end the writer must judge and be inspired by the final product!


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