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TOP 6 Ways to Look Great On a Video Call

by The Brand & Co (inspiration by #FastCompany)

It’s time to TALK! 2022 — still more or less about ONLINE meetings, conferences, or even Job Interviews! Are You focused on how You look during it? Let’s dive into our TOP 6 suggestions :)


Overhead lighting is the worst kind of lighting for video conferences because it makes shadows under your eyes. Unfortunately, that’s what most people have by default. You may not care about the lighting if you’re doing a quick chat with your team or classmates but for high-stakes situations (like job interviews, business meetings, etc.) when you need to look your best, we recommend using either a natural window light that would be in front of you (be sure that you don’t have any mess behind You, though), soft light sources (there are so many cheap solutions!), or even professional set up: lights from both sides of you and behind! Light is everything — people say.

p.s. sound too ....


Are you using a webcam clipped to the top of your monitor? Chances are it’s not capturing you from the ideal perspective. Or even the worse P E R S P E C T I V E. If it’s angled down too much, you’ll put your fellow meeting-goers in the position of towering over you. Or we see only Your Eyes (but we are sure it’s gorgeous).

What should You do? Put Your computer, webcam right at eye level. Maybe books under the computer can help you out to put it up too. Are you using Your mobile phone? Use a tripod or anything around You that makes it work for you.


Even if only your face and shoulders are in the frame, you never know if you’ll need to stand up for some reason. So look decent from head to toe. Put some flattering, solid colors near your face, just like television news anchors do. Check your teeth for remnants of lunch. Make sure the temperature is such that you won’t be sweating, and won’t need to start taking off layers, which is disconcerting for all watching.

AND OH no no no — no Pyjamas! Please! Even though it’s fashionable now!


The people you’re interacting with will be treated to the view of whatever is behind you through the whole meeting. Junk and clutter are bad enough. Your bed with dirty laundry on it is unprofessional. Or worse, you may have something sitting there that’s part of the scenery to you but jarring to everyone else. Why not try something simple — as paper background, or as we call it “seamless paper” (what professional photographers use in their studios). Especially, if you’ll be doing a lot of digital interaction.

Another way: just chose a corner or ‘ready steady’ set up for calls.


We know it’s hard to hide sometimes at home from everything that is around You but if You have an important call, class, meeting, etc. — minimizing distraction is the way to go! Make a sign “On Air” that your colleagues, family, or friends would know you are #LIVE. What about a barking dog, cat on the laptop, hamster on Your shoulder, etc. — it can ruin a conversation.

First impressions count when it comes to video conferencing!


Video is closer to a face-to-face meeting than it is to a conference call, yet most people treat it like a conference call. So they’re trying to look at their notes, or are squinting at their computer screens. This is much like holding a piece of paper in front of your face in a live meeting. OR you may come across as not listening if You stare somewhere around you but not into the camera.

So, be sure you know your main points and look up, so you can interact normally and score the benefits of seeing people and being seen. :)

Alright, we think enough is enough :) Happy New week!


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