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Induction week at Swiss Educational College!

This week was busy bee! Yes, it's always like that during the Induction weeks. It's all about new students, students coming back from their Internships and of course loooooooong Holidays!

First days are always about the rules and regulations! Updates on what's happening at the college and what are expecting in upcoming term from everyone. It always is hosted by our Academic Dean Ms Teri and Administration Director, Mr Sebastian.

Further we focus on learning on who we are, where we are from! So full focus on our soft skills, personality tests :) and teamwork workshops.

Next steps - Welcome to Switzerland the land of German and Swiss German languages :) and some others though. It started with some tests! Yes, it's important to recheck your language after Internship, same as you already living for a while in Switzerland, or just coming to the college.

And what about Jass in Swiss German :) Oh yes, we did that too!

Our week is still not over! We are looking forward to sharing more!


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