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Entrepreneurial Hospitality. Hiring Entrepreneurial Leader!

Entrepreneurs have become the new heroes of the business world and its highly valued in today's labor market. Companies of all shapes and sizes aspire to be seen as highly innovative, nimble, and agile - all qualities traditionally ascribed to entrepreneurs. So, where the questions is? Companies in their recruiting efforts do not have a scientific way of separating true entrepreneurs from other talented candidates. by Business Harvard Review

Mr Timothy Butler explored how firms can address that problem. Entrepreneurs aren't always exceptionally creative. But they are more curious and restless. They aren't risk seekers - but they find uncertainty and novelty motivating.

On popular notion is that entrepreneurs and people who enjoy constantly changing, innovative environments are more creative than others. While it's certainly true that entrepreneurs excel at original thinking, so do many non entrepreneurs. In reality, what sets entrepreneurial individuals apart is something slightly different - something both broader and deeper than what is typically evoked by the word "creativity". It's the ability to thrive in uncertainty.

The stereotype: Entrepreneurs are unusually creative. The subtle truth: Entrepreneurs are curious seekers of adventure, learning, and opportunity.

Another prevailing view is that entrepreneurial people love risk - that they enjoy the thrill of taking chances. This is not true. Entrepreneurs are not the skydivers of the business world. However, many studies have shown that entrepreneurs have higher comfort with risk than conventional managers.

The stereotype: Entrepreneurs enjoy and seek risk. The subtle truth: Entrepreneurs are more comfortable with risk.

Another interesting point that Entrepreneurial managers are hands-on. They want to be in the middle of the buzz and hustle as a new venture, day by day, comes into the world and starts to walk, and then run. They are not the ones to sit in tastefully appointed corner offices moving chess pieces for a game being played out floors below.

The stereotype: Entrepreneurs are more personally ambitious than other leaders. The subtle truth: Entrepreneurs are driven by a need to own products, projects, and initiatives .

An interesting truth is that Entrepreneurs must be able to sell their vision to prospective team members before they have anything else offer. Many have to sell their ideas to initial investors and later to venture capitalism and joint venture partners.

The stereotype: Entrepreneurs are natural salespeople. The truth: This one is correct.

Exceptional leaders have much in common, and most can adapt to the demands of whatever organisational challenges they face. Leaders who are truly entrepreneurial, however, excel when a situation demands complete ownership of a venturer problem, become more motivated as uncertainty increases, and have a remarkable ability to persuade others to follow their course of action. This profile can be problematic in complex organisations where established business unitis need to work intensely together, across boundaries, and leaders to share both information and power on a daily basis. But if your organisation needs someone to turn innovative ideas into full-blown, standalone enterprise - or invent and bring to life completely new models - it may be time to hire an entrepreneurial leader. And by following the advice in this article, you can make sure you actually find what you are looking for.

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