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Easy Friday - Easy hike! Let's learn more about our region!

We are so lucky to have our campus on the banks of Lake Lucerne! And even more lucky to be in the region that is cold the Riviera of Switzerland. Our College is located between mountains and lake Lucerne (which, we can assure, is touristing direction number one!). #travelawaitis

This is our view through our rooms! Well, You can have it too :)

Lake Lucerne, Vierwaldstaetter See in German, is Switzerland’s fourth-largest lake, located in the center of the country. The lake is unusual because it has a very irregular shape, with many bends and turns and four arms. The shores of Lake Lucerne are partly formed by steep mountains like the Rigi and Pilatus, bordered by fabulous towns like Lucerne and Weggis, and are the site of Switzerland’s oldest history.

The three original cantons which formed the Swiss Federation on August 1, 1291, Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden, touch on the lake, all of which makes for some of the most beautiful landscapes in Switzerland. You can go on train rides up the Rigi mountain, boat trips on original paddle steamers on the lake, excursions to historic sites of Lucerne, walks in the woods, and visit the location of the famous shot of William Tell. A great variety of things to do and see for every taste and level of fitness.

Charm of Weggis

Located on the northern shore of Lake Lucerne, at the foot of Rigi Mountain, Weggis is the second most popular tourist destination in the canton of Lucerne. South facing, the charming village gets a lot of sunny days with a mild climate and even enchanted Mark Twain on his visit in 1897. You can walk along the promenade bordering the lake, enjoy the view and the lush vegetation. Before the construction of cable cars and cog rails, Weggis was a favorite starting point for wealthy travelers who wanted to reach the summit of Mount Rigi. The only way was to be carried up by sedan chair bearers.

Plenty of spas are found in Weggis, too, if only for a few hours of pampering. If you manage to visit in September, you can visit two typically Swiss events: On September 4, the Alpine Wrestling Festival, and on September 25, a Cattle Show (must in a bucket list!) and Autumn Market. All the animals are adorned with flowers and bells.

What about Boat trip!? Oh, Yes, You need to try out this adventure!

The peculiar shape of Lake Lucerne means that you can enjoy a lot of different sights and places on a boat trip around the lake. The most romantic way of doing so is on board one of the five historic art deco paddle steamers. They depart from Lucerne to Fluelen. There are many more, including departing from Weggis and of different lengths. You can even have a candlelit dinner. The choice is yours, and after all the hiking, stair climbing, and walking you will have to do on land, you’ll appreciate a few hours of gliding along on the water, resting your feet.

What we do time to time, little hikes around campus. We also planning to enjoy this winter Rigi adventures: sleds, snowshoeing, etc.


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