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Interview with Preet

What can you tell us about the internship you attended in our school?

As I am doing my 1st internship in Post Hotel it is really good, especially the colleagues and environment, lot of things to learn and grow up building up from scratch. As I already did an internship in India there is nothing new for me the only thing is that you are working with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend this experience to others, but it's important to be prepared. While working here may seem doable and easy during the summer, it can be quite challenging. I believe this place is not suitable for everyone due to the demands it presents.

What internship programme would you choose in the future and why?

In the future, I would opt for the front office internship program. I believe it's where I can thrive and find genuine satisfaction in my work.

What can you tell us about your journey to Switzerland in terms of integration and cultural differences?

I feel fortunate because people here are generally very friendly. As an open-minded person, I've embraced the cultural differences and just gone with the flow. When I first arrived and ventured beyond the college campus, I did experience some stares as if I were from another world, which was initially unsettling. However, I've adapted over time. Language has been a significant hurdle, especially with older people who may not readily accept those who speak English. I'm dedicated to improving both my English and German language skills to navigate this challenge.

How did the school get involved with your accommodation here to make it easier for you?

Honestly, I didn't seek assistance from the college for accommodation, as my employer provided it, and I feel fortunate for this arrangement. I've heard from other students about their struggles with accommodation, food, and other aspects, and it makes me appreciate my situation even more.

What program are you currently enrolled in and what were the pluses of choosing it?

I enrolled in a master's in hospitality because I already did my graduation in Hotel management, and I just wanted to make my profile stronger with some experience through internships to get a job internationally.

What about the challenges?

The biggest challenge is only language and government here, apart from that everything is great.

Would you say there is a good balance between your studies and your free time?

Yes, here are 2 days' holidays and studies are fine, and although we were busy with assignments I managed in the end. The College is also perfect for me especially when I compare it to the education system in India.

At our college, we are absolutely delighted to have students like Preet, who bring not only their dedication and enthusiasm but also their insightful perspectives and feedback. Preet's choice to embark on this internship journey has been a source of pride for us, and we are immensely thankful for the depth of thought and experience they have shared with us. Preet's journey through our internship program has been nothing short of remarkable. Their enthusiastic participation and dedication to their role have been commendable. It is evident that Preet not only embraced the opportunities presented but also faced the challenges with an unwavering spirit. We are immensely proud to have students like Preet who not only seize the opportunities we offer but also contribute meaningfully to our community. Preet's feedback and interview responses provide valuable insights that help us continuously improve and refine our programs. We are grateful for their presence and the positive impact they have made, and we look forward to supporting them in their future endeavors.


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