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Julie Pereira - Welcome to the Ambassadors Programme!

We are delight to welcome Julie to our Ambassadors programme! The journey began :)

How do you feel to be invited to join the Ambassadors programme?

When you introduced the ambassador's programme to me, it sounded like a thrilling opportunity and it showcased the possibilities to open numerous variety of learning and experience that I can use in my further to build myself as a brand.

Why do you think it's important to be part of such programmes while studying?

So many reasons come to mind. First of all, it adds as an extra curricular activity that EVERY student needs, it brings us closer to the organisation that is thriving to make learning easier and more fun. And I for one find it thrilling to feel empowered by a certain leadership role. What key-values are vital in professional and personal growth?

For me, it has always been communication and consistency.

I believe that sharing different ideas and perceptions leads us to build ourselves towards excellence.

And consistency towards excellence will help in personal and professional growth. What are your career goals?

I have simple goals, really. I don’t aspire to manage, but LEAD a team of people in my Organisation and teach them what I have learned in my life. I want to help my colleagues in delivering better customer service every time they get a chance. I wish to be a leader, not a manager. Switzerland is a vibrant country, what do you like the most here? And why did You choose this country as Your study place?

Coming from a country with a population of around 7.7. billion, I like the peace that Switzerland provides.

I like how this country believes in sustainability and love towards the nature.

Just the other day, I saw a roof of a house covered with solar panels. It was an amazing idea to utilise the resources. In regards to studying here, I found Switzerland an exciting opportunity to learn hospitality and most importantly, a wide range of opportunities our school provides apart from just hospitality. What would you suggest to a student who wants to join the Ambassadors programme?

- I would rather remind every colleague that YOU ARE AN AMBASSADOR. Other students will look up to you for guidance and mentoring.

Grab every learning opportunity you get, to grow yourself. Because it’s through your growth, that the Organisation will grow. And yes, I will always have your back.


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