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An Interview with Ms Cornelia Neefe - from Central am See & Frohburg

A couple of weeks ago we met Ms Neefe from Central am See Hotel to have a small talk about the changes in Hospitality Industry and Internship! Thank you so much for having us, meeting and giving us a glimpse from the Hotel's perspective.

What is the biggest challenge for students in their internships?

Students start their professional life with internships and must organize themselves for the new situation in terms of work. Often there are language barriers which make explanations difficult, and understanding the interns is not so easy. Many things are new in the job as well as in private life. But almost all of them master the situations well and can learn a lot from the new and take it with them.

What is most rewarding about mentoring a student during their internship?

They are very grateful for tips and tricks from the staff to make the work easier and simpler.

They are happy about small successes and the interaction with you is always very warm and light-hearted.

Why is the hospitality industry still a good choice for a future career?

The professions in the hospitality industry are all very varied and never boring. You can develop very quickly and well and grow in a short time. You have a lot of contact with people from all nations and there is also a lot of variety in the team. The service in the hospitality industry is very appreciated, especially now when there are few skilled workers. The alternatives after the apprenticeship are wide-ranging and you can also quickly change to other professions with an apprenticeship in the catering and hotel industry.

Has the hospitality industry changed a lot since the pandemic?

Partly! On the one hand, there are far fewer skilled workers on the market, which is still noticeable, and at the same time, the demands of the guests have increased. That makes it not always easy to fulfil all wishes.

Fundamentally, however, the situation seems to be easing. Many guests understand the situation and are still happy to be able to book a relaxed stay.

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