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We Have reached 1000 000!

In 2019 we joined the #Unsplash platform as the first Hospitality and Business School EVER, and already through two years we reached more than 1000 000 (by today) views and getting more and more downloads! Our pictures are travelling around the world and used on various channels, such as Notion, Wix, Trello, Adobe Sparks! Modern College - modern tools to boost our creativity and inspiration to discover more!

What do we share? Well, our moments from 'field' trips, lifestyle and moments we enjoyed Discovering Switzerland and other countries. Next Year, inspired by this project, we are planning to do one Year contest to win a prize!

Why is this important? Learning new skills, embracing creativity and willingness to learn beyond your classes - is a lifetime lesson of 'owning learning'. After studies, life doesn't stop and you still need to find a different way to keep going with daily new trends, an example, in digital marketing, learn skills such as photography or video creation, or graphic design.

Such projects support so much needed skills as 'challenging' yourself to grow and achieve more.

We are looking forward to sharing more details!

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