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Mount Pilatus - "Heaven on Earth" by Allwyn Waghela

Although I am originally from India however, I am residing in Switzerland as an MBA student for a period of 1 year & 6 months. This is my first foreign country experience & before visiting this country I had no idea how my experience would be. As soon as I arrived at the Zurich airport around 7 in the evening, I was excited, nervous, thrilled & kind of confused at the same time like mixed emotions running all over me. I also had no clue where to pick up my baggage from but when I asked the airport staff, they assisted me quite promptly and politely. Then the college car came to pick me up & I had quite a playful conversation with the driver in which we were exchanging some awesome words about our respective countries. It was more like a cultural exchange. While on my way to college I was beyond excited to see the swiss streets, roads, buildings etc.

So, as soon as I arrived at my college, I received quite a warm welcome from the students over there all belonging to different nationalities. I too gave a brief intro about myself to them. After one week of college, we were taken to the top of Mount Pilatus in Luzern which is also known as the popular mountain for excursion as a part of our annual trip which I never knew would turn out to be one of my most memorable experience.

Sitting on a cable car exploring the aerial view of the city, mountain ranges & forest was altogether quite an enticing experience. The top can also be reached with the Pilatus Railway, the world's steepest cogwheel railway, from Alpnachstad, operating from May to November (depending on snow conditions). After reaching on the top of Mount Pilatus we were given an intro of the mount history. I couldn`t even believe that there`s an awesome hotel at top of the mountain with a dragon symbol on it which we visited as well.

So, we were taken to the hotel where we saw the most luxurious rooms that includes standard double room, superior double room & Junior suite. The restaurant area has a marvellous Victorian design right from tables & chairs to the bar area. While on her tour to Switzerland Queen Victoria did visit this hotel. The hotel visit was very important as it gave us a lot of insights about the hotel industry which is very important as a part of our hospitality management studies.

I had never been in snow before and seeing the beautiful snow covering the mountains & coniferous trees as well as wonderful birds flying do make me believe that heaven does exist on earth. On top of the mount Christmas market also opens up beginning from the early November which has wonderful Christmas stuff. Playing with snow & clicking pictures with friends was just too lit. Even in a temperature like -4 degree Celsius this place was so full of tourist with most of them coming from countries like China & India. Loads of winter sports are offered over here as well. I do consider myself as an explorer & this place satisfied my exploratory motive to the fullest.

I would conclude by saying that visiting this beautiful place & getting to know this place in depth is honestly one of my best experiences in this country & this will perpetually be memorable for me.

Thank You, Allwyn, for sharing Your journey! If you want to read more articles written by Allwyn - jump into his blog!


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