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Meditation Journey by Sharon Cao

Some people are struggling with their issues in life and they come to meditation to seek peace. They are right, doing meditation not only helps you to clear up your mind but also helps you able to feel the beauty of life, figure out your happiness, and the power of your mind.

I started my meditation journey a little over a year now, I took myself as an example for young people who do meditation and maximize the power of mindfulness by doing meditation.

I do meditation frequently in the morning and before I sleep in the night. Let me explain to you why I do it 2 times per day: In the morning after I wake up, I want to start my day efficiently with all positive energy, and the way for me to find it out is by doing meditation. I focus on myself, my breath, and try to feel things around me.

It makes me happy, and I start my day as always with smiles. And I do it at night, which helps me easier to sleep and put all things out of my mind.

My character has changed since I started doing meditation. I found out the power of mindfulness, I found meditation keeps me calm and thinks more carefully. I become more patient and always have positive energy, which is very important for me.

We are too busy with work, study, family and plenty of things. Sometimes we forget the peace inside ourselves. However, doing meditation helps me to balance my life and find happiness. I’m always positive in any situation because I always can find out the good things to keep my positive energy. Meditation is the easiest way and efficient way. If you are struggling with anything, you should try to do meditation, it will help you a lot.

Sounds amazing but when you do it you will feel FANTASTIC. I wished I know it earlier to can apply it to my life. Since COVID- 19 start, people are facing more problems in life, it was a hard time to get through, but we have more time to re-think and concentrate on what we are missing.

We can search on the internet “Advantage of doing meditation”? There will be plenty of reasons and benefits you can get from meditation. But what I have shared above all from my experiences and my feeling. I get stronger, more confident, more patient, and the key thing is to keep my positive energy which is supporting me a lot in life and my journey.

I highly recommend doing meditation to keep a healthy mind, productive life.

The article was written by Sharon Cao student of Swiss Educational College


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