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Interview with Shashvat

1. Can you discuss any internships, or practical experiences, you gained at Swiss Educational College and how they influenced your career path? What did you like


My internships at the Swiss Educational College gave me practical experience and professional development opportunities, which helped me bridge the gap between theory and its application in the real world. I enjoyed applying classroom concepts to real-world scenarios, networking with industry professionals, and gaining clarity about my career goals. These experiences were invaluable in my professional growth and development.

2. What were the resources or advice from the college that were helpful?

Attending the Swiss Educational College shaped my academic and professional journey. The personalized academic support from highly accessible faculty members helped me navigate challenging coursework and excel academically. The career counseling services and internship opportunities provided invaluable hands-on experience in my field. The access to learning resources further enhanced my academic experience. Overall, the college prepared me for success in my career and equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to

thrive in today’s competitive job market.

3. What are the personal qualities or skills that you developed during your studies?

My time at the Swiss Educational College has been transformative. It taught me resilience, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership skills. The supportive learning environment and challenging curriculum gave me the tools and confidence to succeed academically and professionally.

4. Can you tell us more about your future job? Are you excited?

I’m pursuing my Master’s in the hospitality industry and working as a Chef de Rang at Mandarin Oriental. My role involves creating exceptional dining experiences for guests, which requires personalized service and maintaining high food quality standards. My experience at Mandarin Oriental and academic pursuits at the Swiss Educational College has provided me with a unique opportunity for professional

growth. I’m constantly learning and refining my skills, and I’m confident I’m laying the foundation for a successful career in the hospitality industry.

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