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Interview with Celia Deli: "Stay positive and persistent!"

A couple of weeks ago we sat down with our busy Head of Career Centre Plus Ms Celia Deli and asked some open questions!

Welcome to our C4C+ Department! What do You like the most about being part of Career and Personal Development programmes?

Thank you; it is a pleasure to be part of SEC and C4C+.

To answer your question, I think managing our career is a priority, in order to gain the maximum satisfaction and success we desire. The hours we invest in our work- career are a big part of our everyday life and finding the correct tools to advance our career requires constant effort. Personal growth is essential for us to navigate towards our goals. I feel a huge responsibility guiding our students through the first steps in their career path.

Why do you think it's important to balance Professional and Personal Development?

I actually believe that Personal Development is a means towards Professional Development. Personal Development is a lifelong process. People assess their skills, set new goals and learn new skills all the time, in order to achieve them. These goals are evolving and that keeps us active and energetic.

Potential employers are likely to ask what are considered to be the biggest strengths, and identifying these can also help you choose a career to enjoy. What would be Your first Top TIP for students on how to build their strengths?

First, identify your strengths. How? Through brainstorming: write down which skills you have that distinguish you from others. Ask your friends and colleagues to share their view. Then think of what you want to achieve and what would make you happy, and finally work on integrating those strengths in your daily practice.

On the other hand after the question about strengths, most of the time question about the weaknesses comes after. What is Your TOP TIP for improving weaknesses?

Again, try to identify your weaknesses the same way you did with your strengths. Then make a plan of how to convert your weakness into strength, set goals and commit to them. Find someone to advice and give you honest feedback. Get some training or coaching. When you achieve our aim, reward yourself, anyway all this process shows strength of character.

Why Hospitality and Business Management studies are one of the TOP studies to choose right now?

Hospitality and Business studies are a great combination, because they open a broad field of career choices. That is actually how I did it.

Think of all the new words invented to describe different personalised experiences like Staycation, Glamping, and Bleisure and to fill gaps in the traditional touristic packages.

Think of eco-friendly tourism and sustainable projects that are so much in demand.

Of course from a financial perspective Asset Management strategies have been implemented so as to give the opportunity to the hospitality companies to focus on the core business.

And from a Marketing point of view, digitalised experiences and virtual and augmented reality are applied to promote the new products.

So, I think these studies offer multi-dimensional career opportunities.

What are the main goals of C4C+ as a Swiss Educational College?

We have one goal: To assist our Students all the way.

We help them build their professional portfolio, find an interesting Internship position through building a strong network with the industry and of course we provide opportunities for after the graduation through organising events and forums both virtual and in person.

Why did You choose Swiss Educational College as a step in Your career?

I was attracted by the friendly environment, the smiling faces and the drive that all colleagues and students have.

It is an exciting opportunity for me to be part of this dynamic and fast-growing environment. I know I have the experience and the skills to contribute to the development of our students and their careers.

And last but not least, everyone has a goal. What would be Yours? :)

My goal is to organise the Internship and Career Services Department so that our Students feel confident to come and find the assistance they are looking for and that the industry feel assured that they will find the right candidate for their business.

Stay positive and persistent!


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