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How LEGO Helps Hospitality Students to nurture their Personal Development

Finding innovative and engaging ways to teach students essential skills is crucial. One unexpected tool that has been gaining popularity in various fields, including hospitality, is LEGO. At Swiss Educational College for several Years we are providing Communication, Personal Branding and Strategies classes as part of the Personal Development programme using Lego techniques.

LEGO provides a unique platform for personal development by fostering creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Hospitality students can utilize LEGO bricks to construct intricate models, create imaginative scenarios, and explore their own ideas.

This process encourages them to think outside the box, develop their own style, and express their individuality. Moreover, building with LEGO promotes patience, perseverance, and attention to detail—important traits for success in the hospitality industry.

At Swiss Educational College we focus on effective communication, as it lies at the heart of the hospitality sector, where interactions with guests, colleagues, and superiors are constant.

LEGO facilitates communication skills development through collaborative building exercises. Students can engage in group projects where they must discuss, plan, and execute their LEGO creations. This process encourages teamwork, active listening, and the ability to convey ideas clearly. As they build together, students learn how to express their thoughts, receive feedback, and collaborate effectively—a crucial skill set for working in a team-oriented industry.

Another vital skill and focus at SEC - Personal Branding and Creativity. Understanding the foundation of branding is vital for hospitality students who aspire to work in hotels, restaurants, or other establishments. LEGO can serve as a powerful tool for grasping the concepts of branding and marketing. Students can use LEGO to create miniature mock-ups of hotel rooms, dining spaces, or event venues, allowing them to experiment with different brand identities, design elements, and customer experiences. By engaging in this hands-on approach, students gain a deeper understanding of how branding impacts customer perceptions, loyalty, and overall business success. That is the common branding side with LEGO. But we go beyond that. We use LEGO also as a tool for Personal Branding - visually expressing their career path, skills, strengths and weaknesses.

Beyond these specific areas, LEGO also promotes stress relief, mindfulness, and a sense of playfulness—all of which are highly beneficial for hospitality students. The act of building with LEGO can help students unwind, foster creativity, and approach problem-solving in a relaxed manner. This can be particularly helpful during high-pressure situations common in the industry, allowing students to approach challenges with a fresh perspective.

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