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February is planned!

The most exciting part of our Operations and Media departments - events and projects planning. We are happy to announce that we have an interesting list of upcoming events at Swiss Educational College this February!

So, why are we so happy? Well, our February will start as usually celebrating Chinese New year! And we look very seriously at it: Chinese food, decorations, Painting, probably learning about traditions and meaning. It feels kind of our year :) We have Lion as a symbol of the college, and 2022 is all about Tiger. Close enough, right?!

Date: 02.02.2022 (magical number ....)

Next upcoming excitement: MasterClasses afternoons on Fridays. We will spend some time with such chefs as Yotami Ottelenghi, Massimo Bottura, Thomas Keller, or Gordon Ramsay. As our Culinary Arts and International Cuisine programme is buzzing, we add some fun to our free afternoon too.

And hey did we say that we will have 'Masterchef Championship 2022'? No?! well, our massterclasses are one of the reasons to be inspired about it.

Date: 9.02.2022

Alright about two last plannings we are suuuuuuuuper excited!

First one - Sledding on the mount Rigi! yey... just give us sledges and helmets please!



And last but definitely not least - Fasnacht! It's an important fiesta in Switzerland and as we love to keep and learn traditions, we will have our own :) Safety first, right?

Have a glimpse of our 2019 Fasnacht in Luzern (people even travel to Luzern for this particular celebration and show). But of course due to pandemics, for a second year, it's cancelled. BUT that is the main reason why we will do it at Swiss Education College.

Date: 23.02.2022

Here You go! we are going to be busy!


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