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TOP 10 Reasons Why Hospitality & Business management Degrees are the best Solution right now!

1. Outlook under Covid-19

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken many industries, especially the

hospitality industry. All businesses in hospitality and tourism are on the verge of a reboot. Every cloud has a silver lining. The crisis has forced industry leaders to reassess the importance of sustainability and the economy.

This is the time for hospitality graduates to innovate and reinvent the traditional business model so that they can shape a new future.

The combination of hospitality and business management degrees will help our graduates to gain new insights and perspectives to tackles the challenges the hospitality industry is confronted with under the current world pandemic.

And today, with existing vaccination and getting it for free (International Student too) — life is getting back on track!

2. Where traditions meet innovations

Mr. Thomas Allemann of hotelleriesuisse, the Swiss Hotel Association once mentioned, “Historically speaking Switzerland has been a longstanding leader on the travel and tourism platform, beginning with the classical hotel model as early as the 1800s.” It is not surprising that Switzerland is known as the birthplace of hospitality. The natural beauty of the Alps and high level of service in Switzerland has attracted prestigious visitors from all over the world.

The Swiss know how to serve their customers well, from hotels to banks. In SWISS IM&H, students will receive the most comprehensive SWISS hospitality training. A business management degree is the most popular degree in any university around the world. Our regularly updated business management program reflects the constant change in the business landscape. The unique duo degree

3. The resilience of hospitality

Maybe you are a bit concerned about the hospitality industry right now. But never forget, it is one of the oldest business sectors in human history. It is in our nature to enjoy being served in every way. So no matter what natural disasters or diseases hit the world, there will always be demand for hospitality. If overseas tourism is decreasing, we can refocus on attracting more local visitors. If indoor activities are forbidden, we can create more outdoor events. We believe that the hospitality industry is the most resilient and adaptive across all business sectors.

4. The versatility of business management

No matter where you will end up working, the knowledge and skills in business management will always help you in your future career. Be it Marketing & Sales, Operations, or Business Strategies, the business management degree will offer the most versatile skillsets for your future career.

5. Putting theories into practice

With the unique combination of theoretical and practical study, there are so many opportunities for you to put what you have learned into real-life practice. Our business management program will teach you how to convert the knowledge from paper into actionable plans.

6. Entrepreneurship, the new buzz word!

We all hear about the stories of many successful entrepreneurs, hospitality is a great base for budding entrepreneurs. With the dual degree of hospitality and business management plus several internships, it will not just be a dream to start your own business straight after graduation, open your own restaurant, cafe or even hotel becomes much more attainable. In addition to the dual degree program, SWISS IM&H offers a separate program that specializes in training future entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities to network with like-minded people both local and international.

7. Future with no limit

We do not draft the future plan for you, with so many possibilities you can paint your future with no limit. Whether it is to work in your dream high-end hotel chain, or having your own food truck, we will do our best to support you making your dream come true.

8. All about diversity

At SWISS Educational College, we promote diversity, there are students from all over the world coming to learn the kraft of hospitality and the essence of business. Your learning experience also becomes the best chance to meet new friends who bring you new perspectives.

9. One place to learn all

When you finish the dual degree program, you will realize that you will stand out of the crowd among your peers who only have a hospitality degree or a business degree. With our excellent academic team and learning environment, both online and offline, we offer you one place to learn all.

10. Grooming Leaders, not Workers

The key to successful professionals often lies in their mindsets. We recognize how important a growth mindset is, and we groom our students from an early age to become leaders, not workers. The hospitality industry or any other industry is becoming every so competitive. To gain emotional intelligence on top of the academic study may just give you the edge in your future career.

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