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An Interview with our student and participant of our Ambassadors Programme - Rahul!

At Swiss Educational College we run an Ambassadors programme. The focus of the programme is the professional and personal development of the students. In the programme, students have access to a special online platform where they can learn new skills, such as leadership, management, business development, personal branding, reflection, etc. They also are suggested to have full strategic mentoring based on their career needs, if they want.

1. First of all, welcome, Rahul, to our Ambassadors programme! I guess we can start with, how do you feel to be invited to join the Ambassadors programme?

I am keen to get my foot in the door and prove myself as highly competent. In my studies, I learned how to utilize the core principles of this field and am ready to put that knowledge into action with your team.

2. Why do you think it's important to be part of such programmes while studying?

As a fresher, I need a reputed and established ambassador program to start my career and I believe your program will help me to enhance my skills and knowledge in this sector.

3. What key values you would say are important in your professional and personal growth?

I want to work my way through an organisation and become a leader with clear goals and someone who can contribute to the organisation's success.

I wish to ensure customer and client-centric development where the core mission is to establish my company as a valuable leader in the industry.

4. What are your career goals?

Desirous of making a career in Financial management to gain experience in multiple financial functions so further I can start my own business.

5. Switzerland is a vibrant country, what do you like the most here? And why did You choose this country as Your study place?

Being an international student, I like Switzerland because it’s the heart of Europe and I chose to study here because of its reputation for excellence in business education.

6. What would you suggest to a student who wants to join the Ambassadors programme?

I’d definitely suggest a student to join the Ambassadors programme because it’ll help him/her to enhance his/her skills which will help them further in their future to achieve their goals.


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