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Swiss Educational College got the four QS Star Rating!

Last week our Swiss Educational College was celebrating a big milestone, so we decided to have an Interview with our CEO Dr. Khandaker.

Why for the College/ University rankings are important? And what does that impact on a student's life?

In the current world, with the generation of the fourth industrial revolution, education is not only about classroom lectures but also about including students in state-of-the-art learning with hands-on experience.

QS Star Rating evaluates any institute based on several criteria for certain aspects. SEC has achieved 5 Stars in Teaching and 5 Stars in Employability with an overall 4 Star Rating out of 5.

Now you can understand from this that our students are learning in the classroom and getting jobs post-graduation or even internship places during their studies.

QS Star Ratings adds an extra recognized value for our students' achievements and us as an education provider. It shows the quality we maintain to build future hospitality leaders.

What does the four-star QS Stars Ranking mean to the Swiss Educational College?

As a CEO, it shows what we do well and what we should improve. Regarding the SEC, the QS Star Rating shows how efficient our team is and the quality combination of teamwork and institutional objectives.

It is also an assessment of guidance for our future, which allows us to strategize and define our development goals.

Moreover, the QS Star Rating shows SEC's global standing with a recognized quality label.

Swiss Educational College this Year achieved several milestones. What would be the secret to such success in just one Year?

Yes, indeed. It has been a splendid and challenging year for us. We took several projects and accomplished some, and some are under process.

The secret is honesty, team effort and our students' satisfaction.

What should we expect in upcoming Years from the SEC?

To sound logical, more successes and consistent quality growth of SEC. We are not resting. QS Star Rating has just sparked the team spirit to move even faster. It is a motivation for the entire SEC family.

What would You wish for our students who joined our college?

Be humble and kind. Build yourself first as a good human being and then as a bright hospitality leader. SEC will always be there for you. We will grow together.

Why students should join Swiss Educational College?

We are a boutique school. We have an excellent learning atmosphere here on our campus. The location, the team, and the quality of education are just blended into one jar named SEC. Our teachers know our students by name, which is proof of how attentively we take our students, for example. I believe for our students, SEC is more than a college. They feel homely here. We also have a reasonable pricing of education combined with weekly extracurricular activities.

So, why shouldn't they 😊?

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