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Pratik Ghosalkar - Welcome to Ambassadors Programme!

We are delight to welcome Pratik to our Ambassadors programme! The journey began :)

1. First of all, welcome, Pratik, to our Ambassadors programme! I guess we can start from, how do you feel to be invited to join the Ambassadors programme?

After hearing about this programme I was a bit nervous but yet at the same time, I was excited to check on this. It showcased to me many adventures and new challenges that I would be overcoming. Through this programme, I guess I would be using it to build up my career and set a brand for myself.

2. Why do you think it's important to be part of such programmes while studying?

I guess it is a kind of fun part-time activity with great ways to meet new people around and enjoy your time with them in the school. Also, it is necessary that you strike a healthy balance between studying and your social life.

3. What key values you would say are important in your professional and personal growth?

Ok for me it has always been Growth & Service. For me, the growth of a company follows the professional growth of its employees. It means that you have to drive continuously to improve both yourself and your company. Basically, it's all based on mutual success. Whereas being Service-minded or customer-oriented means that you care about providing a quality experience to the clients you serve. This can help support your community and your team as well.

4. What are your career goals?

I should be into managing role as well as leadership role. Having a career goal will keep you focused and keep you from getting stuck on a cycle where every day looks the same and you forget what you are working for in the 1st place. It gives you something to aim for, step to follow, and progress to make. Most of the students if you ask them about their career goals they will always look towards career, which I feel is a mistake but that doesn't means career is not important. On a flip of coin we all are lazy and uninspired. Just make sure that in Your 10 years planning, leisure is also important.

5. Switzerland is a vibrant country, what do you like the most here? And why did You choose this country as Your study place?

Switzerland is a small European country that welcomes international students from all over the world. It's a country famous for its excellent universities, ground-breaking research centers, and a commitment to investing in the most exciting industries of the future.

What's more, students in cities like Zurich and Geneva have access to a huge collection of art galleries, museums, theatres, and live music venues, while iconic natural wonders such as the Alps mountains are only a few hours away. Also, there are many reasons why I choose Switzerland because of learning a new language, amazing scenery and winter sports, tourism and hospitality, and of course a very well paid one :)

6. What would you suggest to a student who wants to join the Ambassadors programme?

Administrators and staff can do a great job giving tours and answering questions, but student ambassadors can represent the school and make visitors feel comfortable with their personal stories. Student ambassadors also bring a different perspective to outside visits and meetings with new or prospective students.

As an ambassador, I want to bring a unique perspective to the role and provide suggestions to help make the school a better place for everyone.


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