Only in Switzerland! This stunning 'hotel room' in the Swiss Alps has no walls

The Riklin brothers have set up the hotel room on a roadside next to a petrol station in Saillon, Switzerland. Intention of their null stern suite - German for zero star - is to make guests think about the problems in world.

Guests are invited in their 'half sleep' to consider topics like climate change, war and humanity's endless quest for perfection and the damage it causes the planet - and the need for urgent changes in society. #dailymail #insider

They've created similar beds in idyllic spots, but this is their first 'anti-idyllic' site.

'Sleep is not the point,' said Frank Riklin. 'What's important is reflecting about the current world situation. Staying here is a statement about the need for urgent changes in society.'

Would You like to learn more about this unique project? NULL STERN HOTEL

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