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Nailing the personal touch!

Building and maintaining a personal connection with your customer is a crucial part of any business. People often feel more emotionally connected to a brand when they're kept close contact. We are happy to share 'now how' by Courier.

Right message

Nailing the right message is crucial to getting the best possible return from any marketing materials you send out customers.

  • Why it matters - customers who feel loved are more likely to click 'buy'. Ensure that you make your massive welcoming and tailored is vital.

  • Add personal touch - sending friendly marketing messages with a personal touch can be time-consuming, particularly when your business is growing.

Right people

Getting the best possible message is only part of the challenge for business. You need to target right people too.

  • Shepherding your customers through the process from receiving a marketing message to purchase can be a complicated journey.

  • Branching points and delays can be deployed to deliver relevant messages to customers when they need them most, to help keep you top of mind.

Right time

Picking your moments is half battle in customers communications.

  • Picking the right time to talk can be crucial in any area of life and it can be more important than ever when you are trying to convince customers to part with cash.

  • We definitely need to simplify the process. Whether it's first thing in the morning or last thing at night or somewhere in between - you don't need to stay up to press send. Do the automation.

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