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Interview with Sharon (Alumni)

What recommendations would you give to future you, when deciding to come to Switzerland with Swiss Educational College?

Switzerland will change the way you look at the world and Swiss Educational College will change the way you look at yourself.

Add any other positive points about Swiss Educational College and the culture it has developed since 2019 that you would like to share.

Although Swiss Educational College is not the first school I studied at I believe it is the only one focusing on students and giving them orientation in terms of their future. I feel I can go beyond my comfort zone and I made the right decision to come to Swiss Educational College, a place that can help build my career.

Did you feel safe at Swiss Educational College during the pandemic?

The School provided sanitizer, masks and checked our temperature every day. we maintained the distance and followed the rules set by the canton of Switzerland so yes, I felt safe.

Something about the Career Centre and personal development workshops?

Career Centre is always there if I have any questions about the internship. I know Swiss Educational College has one workshop organized quite frequently and I would like to join to develop myself and learn new skills from other people and discuss a different topic. This is special because it creates a community for the student and encourages the student to share their thoughts and views to create personal branding.

What would you like to do in the future as a career or personal project?

I truly understand the orientation of my future career and, I would like to go into the business field and develop my brand via some projects not only for my benefit but it will be something bigger for society.

What courses did you study at Swiss Educational College?

I studied the Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management where the combination of various subjects will be leading to my success in the future.

Name three subjects that interested you most and why.

The MBA program provided me with different subjects that prepared me for my future career. The subjects I was mainly interested in were International Strategy, Financial Risk Management, and International Marketing. Not only is learning content interesting but also lectures can build up an overview for me in each aspect.

Why did you choose Switzerland as your education destination and were there any other countries you considered before choosing Switzerland?

I chose Switzerland because of its ranking in the Hospitality Industry. There is no other place better than Switzerland in hospitality. The second reason is the environment in Switzerland which could help you grow professionally in terms of lifestyle and communication. The last one that plays an important role in my decision is the programme that best suits me which combines 6 months of theory and 6 months of practice. This type of program is perfect as it gives me the chance to apply what I have learned in theory.

Do you like studying and living in Switzerland, name three reasons that come to mind.

I would say it is perfect to get the experience of living and studying in Switzerland. I got the chance to interact with different students from different cultural backgrounds. In the Swiss environment, you can learn at least 4 different languages which could be an outstanding advantage in labored resources. Switzerland is the country that has the most inventions in science and significant development in technology.

Briefly describe the bedroom, classrooms, food, and anything else positive on campus and activities.

The College provided me with a single room with a lake view which I enjoyed very much. The bedroom is very comfortable and the bathroom as well with its modern interior design, not to mention the free good quality internet. The classrooms and conference rooms are also very impressive with a lot of space and fully equipped for every need. The meals prepared by the Chef are very tasty and vary each day to ensure 100% fresh and healthy food. The College also provided students with a self-defense course where I learned to protect myself which I found very useful.


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