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Career Day at Swiss Educational College

What a fantastic and inspiring day was last week! We had guests from California - Frenchman's Creek. Thank You to our Head of Career Centre - Ms Celia for making sure we are in the loop of Hospitality Industry's newest developments and the Job Market!

As the Career Day was very successful - some of the students after the Job Interviews on set already got offers for their Career Journey in Hospitality Industry - we decided to ask some questions Ms Celia about what is important to focus on during such days as participation in Career day that is provided by the College you study.

- Ms Celia, we just passed our first 2023 Career Day at Swiss Educational College! Why do You think is important to run such events for our students?

As promised, we organised yet another Career Day event, the first for 2023 with Frenchman’s Creek Beach and Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, USA. This Recruitment event gave our students the opportunity to meet the COO and the HR Manager of the Resort, listen to their presentations and experiences with other trainees and get the opportunity to get interviewed and maybe be selected for a J1 Visa fully paid by them for 1 year.

Some of our students are just Freshmen and others have already had working experience, but no matter the level of their education, it is of great importance to them to get to know how many opportunities they have after having finished their Degree at the Swiss Educational College. The students get to explore new horizons and dig into new possibilities around the world while training and working.

- During Career Day student were able to participate in the Job Interview. What would Your suggestion be for the next time students who will participate in a similar event?

Our students were really impressed by the team from FC and spontaneously wanted to get an interview and be recruited for a 1 Year J1 Visa, and we were lucky because the team was very willing to spend some time and interview as many students as possible. The whole experience was unique because of the good vibes we all received.

My suggestion for the next event would be for our students to be more prepared with their CVs printed and their career plans well organised. Remember, when we organise events, we have their best interest in mind!

- We got Job offers for our students. What do you think helped students to stand out?

Self-motivated students, students with long-terms goals and dreams and a positive attitude make all the difference. I believe that recruiters want to see that glimpse in their eyes that says “I want to try new things, I want to work hard and do great things in my Life.” This is what made our students get Job offers.

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